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Brain Chemistry

  • wstewart Asks ...

    Some studies seem to indicate a need for Brain chemistry change to have long lasting change. Is this true?

  • Dr. Karl Benzio Says ...
    Dr. Karl Benzio

    Brain chemistry is an exciting new area of study as it relates to behavioral health, and more specifically, addiction understanding, symptoms, and treatment modalities. The crux of understanding the role of brain chemistry rests in knowing what improves and what weakens brain chemistry. 

    What i have discovered in my personal and professional lives, is that Decision-Making is really the 'exercise' for brain chemistry. What i mean is, when we make a good decision, our brain chemistry gets stronger, healthier, or improves. When we make a wrong decision, our brain chemistry gets weaker, injured, or develops a chemical imbalance. 

    For lasting change, we need skills to help us make healthy decisions. This better decision making improves our brain chemistry, helps us psychologically develop more advanced coping mechanisms, and help us spiritually grow and mature in our connection to God. As we improve in these areas, we then are able to make better decisions, which grow us spiritually, psychologically and physiologically(brain chemistry) and the cycle continues. 

    This is why the importance of a truly Spirit, Mind, and Body approach is absolutely necessary for true and lasting transformation.

    Go to our website at, and look at WITHIN REACH. This is our curriculum workshop that helps you integrate spiritual and psychological truths to make great decisions and lastingly renew and transform your mind!

    Also, check out our YouTube channel and and click on the brain scan video for some cool info.

    Thanks for your question.

    by HIS grace,

    karl benzio, md


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