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Victory is Yours!

  • anonymous Asks ...

    The devil that makes me thirsty for liquor and desiring drugs won’t leave me in peace. I pray that I am full of the Lord but I still feel devils temptations. I have let the devil in my soul with my weakness and sin and all of the evil I have done and now he wont leave me in peace.

  • Arlinda Lindsay Says ...
    Arlinda Lindsay

    Hi  Anonymous,

    Overcoming a drug addiction is difficult but it is possible. You have taken the first step by acknowledging that  you have an addiction.   Keep the faith and read and meditate on the word of God.  Find support such as 12 step meetings and a group of people to support you in your recovery, both physically and through prayer.   A sponsor would help. Some churches have Bible-based Christian drug addiction recovery programs which can help lead you towards a life of healing, meaning and purpose.  Or, find a Christian drug treatment or drug rehab program.  Stay away from negative influences, people, places, and things that will cause triggers. Work a program.  Everyone can’t quit cold turkey. It is ok to seek help. 

    Maintain structure in your life and apply H.A.L.T, don’t get too hungry, angry, lonely, and tired.  Take care of yourself. Temptation is all around you but you do not have to give in.  Read recovery related material. God’s grace is sufficient and He will give you the grace to maintain your sobriety by working a recovery program. Faith without works is dead.  Have faith and apply relapse prevention techniques.  You have the desire to be clean and God will give you the desire of your heart. God loves you and will not leave nor forsake you. You can and will overcome drug addiction. Victory is yours! Peace is Yours!


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