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  • anonymous Asks ...

    My life is a failure and all I want to do is escape from the world. I can’t be in the world and stay off meth. I am too weak and now I am have lost my job and I am 60 days away from homelessness and there is no one left I can turn to. I just want to live a simple life forever like a monk of the old days. I am ready to walk away from everything because my whole life and everything around my disgusts me. It is dripping in sin and based on the false worship of everything that is worldly to temp me away from God. I will spend the rest of my days in prayer and simple work if there is anyplace that will accept me. Where can I turn to?

  • Arlinda Lindsay Says ...
    Arlinda Lindsay

    Hello Anonymous,

    You are experiencing a lot of challenges but running is not the answer.   I suggest you enter a rehab program to address the addiction to meth.  If you are unhappy with your life then redefine it. Things can and will turn around for you.  Just don't give up. Take action.  With God all things are possible. Hold on to your faith.  God hates the sin but not the sinner.  God loves you and will give you the strength to make it. 

    Check out the Rehab Programs Section in the Choose Help website to find a program in your area. The Salvation Army may have an affordable rehab facility in your area.  Consider attending 12 step meetings such as NA and get a sponsor for additional support. Keep praying and work on building your support system.  Get Help.


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