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Feeling Changed

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have started to feel paranoia a lot of the time. It has gotten gradually worse over the past year or 18 months. It basically started about when I was graduating from college and it has just been getting worse, but only very gradually worse so it’s not always noticeably different. But when I compare how I am today to how I was a year ago, I can see that I have changed a lot. It is similar to in the past when I have smoked pot. I never really liked it because I always had this underlying tension and worry about everything. That is what I am sort of like all the time now. I always think the worst possible thing is going to happen and even when I am not thinking about this I have this under tension like I my muscles are all tensed up for no reason and I am jumpy. Do I have anxiety? Do I need to take antidepressants?

  • Takiya Paicely Says ...
    Takiya Paicely

    Hi Anonymous, 

    I am sorry that you have been experiencing these issues over the last 18 months.  To help me understand better, tell me more about your paranoia.   What do you experience with feelings of paranoia?  It sounds as if you are experiencing some excessive worrying and anxiety.  I would highly recommend you find a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist in your area for a full assessment.  You do not have to continue to feel this way for another 18 months, when help may be available in your area. 

    When we experience new changes in our lives such as graduating from college, it can be highly stressful and anxiety producing.  Talking with a licensed professional can be beneficial in helping us learn effective and positive ways to cope. 

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