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    I lost most of my belongings and when my apartment burned down in a fire started by the guy next to me who got a little bit exuberant with his deep frying and ignited the curtains when his French fry oil went up in flames.

    I had no renter’s insurance so I lost all my stuff and I have no money for a deposit on a new place so I have been living in a weekly rate motel while I try to save up to rebuild my life. The motel is a scary place. I am pretty sure the guy next to me deals drugs because he has a non-stop stream of visitors all night long. I cannot wait to get out of here but it will be at least another month before I can.

    I am generally a pretty high strung person but since the fire my stress levels have been through the roof and I have even had a few stress attacks that have left my gasping for breath. The weird thing now is that I also don’t feel like I am living inside my own body anymore. It is like things are happening to me but that it’s almost like they are happening to someone else and I am kind of just observing what’s going on. It’s like I am living in jello and it’s not real or something. It doesn’t sound that bad but it actually really sucks. Is this happening because of the stress I am under/ What can I do to not feel like this anymore?

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    Dr. Steven  Brodsky

    I think I can help  you, but I need more information in order to advise you best.  Can you  please tell me when and in which situations you feel anxiety (or avoid) the MOST  and in which situations you feel anxious the LEAST.  Please revisit my  websites at www.ocdhotline.com  andwww.anxietyhotline.com and check the  symptom lists and self-tests and tell me whether the problem you are seeking  help with is OCD, social anxiety, agoraphobia/panic, or  PTSD. Do you experience  anxiety or avoid traveling alone to faraway or new places, enclosed spaces that  you can't exit (subways, elevators, planes, bridges, expressways, etc.), being  in the middle of a crowd or a full theater, or big deserted spaces (empty malls,  deserted park), or being alone in your home?  Do you frequently look for exits or  escape routes from situations, or do you ever depend upon a "safe" person(s) to  accompany your.  Do you have bothersome thoughts or worries that you can't stop and feel a need to keep checking, getting reassurance, or avoiding situations.  Do you experience discomfort in or avoid certain social situations or presentations, or do you work very hard to  overcompensate in social situations?  Do you have flashbacks, as if you're  really living in a past traumatic situation, have a "startle response" to sudden  noises, or feel as if people are trying to harm you.

    I look forward to  hearing back from you.  Please also tell me where you live or work.

    Thank  you.



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