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A Second Opinion For Ruling Out Organicity is in Order --- Then A Psychological Consultation

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am getting weird pains in my abdomen. The doctors can't find any explanation for them and since they are non localized and I am without other symptoms that would explain them (my liver and kidney function tests cam back fine) they suggested that it could be anxiety manifesting as abdominal pains. I don't feel anxious. Is it possible to have an anxiety problem that you are not aware of?

  • Dr. Shirley Schaye Says ...
    Dr. Shirley Schaye

    I am sorry to hear about what is happening. Since you have ruled out organicity by having kidney and liver tests you might want to do more extensive tests. A physician would know what other tests to recommend. If after having more tests and the doctors can still not find anything wrong then and only then should you go for a consultation to a therapist. It is crucial to first rule out organicity.  It is possible to have physical symptoms and not be in touch with the anxiety. We call that Psychosomatic Symptoms. But first go for a second opinion to again rule out any physical symptomatology. Once you have a clean bill of health a therapist can help you dig deeper to find out what is going on and help you work through what is causing the anxiety if indeed that is what is wrong.

    I wish you well and hope that you can find a resolution to this problem.

    Dr. Shirley Schaye

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