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Positive Self Talk

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Is there an online course or something where I can learn positive self talk techniques? I have a hard time with anxiety problems and I had a couple sessions with a therapist back in Oregon and she talked a lot about how I could counter the thoughts in my head that were sending my false or information or having me always act based upon a worst case scenario. I think it’s a good technique but I want to learn more about how to do it and how to apply it. Do I need to work with a therapist now that I have found something that works for me or can I learn this skill on my own. And if I can, can you point me in the direction of a good place to do so?

  • Meryl DeLena Says ...
    Meryl DeLena

    Hi There,

    So glad you found something that helps with your anxiety. It is very common for anxiety sufferers to have a lot of negative thoughts. This tends to fuel their anxiety. And it is very easy to get stuck in those patterns. It appears your previous therpist was using cognitive-behavioral therapy. I always advise to continue treatment if it was helping. However, a lot of success does come from what you apply and do on your own. Look up cognitive therapy techniques and you will find a lot on positive feedback and changing negative thought patterns. Google it or I always recommend self-help sections of a book store. Now you can check it out on amazon also. The only reason I suggest continued treatment is to maybe find out why you have these patterns...if the positive self talk doesn't continue to work go back and explore further. But in the meantime...keep working and act on positive thoughts not negative ones..M

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