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  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have a complicated problem. I have a history of anxiety and panic, sleep apnea and daytime hypersomnia. I have a CPAP but my compliance is not very good because I just can’t sleep comfortably with that machine. My doctor wants to put me on provogil but I have a history of anxiety disorders and so I am pretty worried about this. I expressed my concern but she asked me if I was currently feeling excessively anxious and when I told her I was in remission she said the provogil was worth a try. I am currently unmedicated after a lot of CBT and exposure therapies. I avoid caffeine because it gets me feeling jittery in a way that I really don’t like. She says if I don’t like I can stop. I am worried. Should I risk stimulant treatment for my hypersomnia? What I am scared of is that it will get me back to having uncontrolled panic attacks again and then even if I stop the stimulants it will be too late again.

  • Loren Gelberg-Goff Says ...
    Loren  Gelberg-Goff

    So, it sounds like you have been very diligent in exploring many interventions for your life issues. However, I don't see where you may have explored acupuncture, yoga, (various kinds) hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom therapy (EFT) and neurofeedback and mindfulness interventions  All these interventions can address the myriad of issues you are struggling with and put the re-introduction of medications on a back burner.  You might also consider chiropractic care,homeopathy, cranio-sacral therapy as well as nutrition counseling. Foods we eat can impact our moods, hormones (which can impact anxiety and panic) as well as holistic medicine interventions.  I realize that this list sounds long and you may have some negative reactions to exploring alternative and complementary medicine, but I think that given everything you have already been through, these options seem worth checking out.

    I understand your concern about medications and reactions while on the meds and then having to come off the meds. I would definitely look into at least some of the options I mention above... I do hope that you explore some of these additional resources and services. Please contact me if you have any additional questions... Wishing you serenity... Loren

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