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Herbal Anxiety Cures

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    I have been diagnosed with GAD and I have actually been living with this sort of anxiety for a long time. I have had bad experiences in the past with drug addiction and medications though and now I prefer to avoid taking anything chemical into my body, as much as is possible in this chemical society we are all living in now.

    I think that it is probably because e of all the chemicals I took in my younger life that I am so anxious now.

    What type of herbal or alternative medicines can your recommend that I use to help reduce my feelings of anxiety. Do you recommend kava? I have heard that it works well but that it can be dangerous if you need to use it for a long time. Are there other herbs that work as well as Kava.

    I am starting to learn yoga now and I find that it is helpful, but only during the time I am actually doing the yoga. Is there anything else I can do on my own to feel better?

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    Loren  Gelberg-Goff

    I think Yoga is a great tool to help offset anxiety, but the breathing, and slowing yourself down are things you must practice when you are away from the yoga studio.  It really is a shift in your lifestyle.  I strongly recommend that you look up NEUROFEEDBACK and find a provider in your area.  It is non chemical, and the long term benefits of it are great.  It is not a quick fix for your anxiety, but including good psychotherapy with this will be truly beneficial for you.  You don't mention being in therapy right now to help you handle your anxiety.  I hope that you have a good therapist who might also do hypnotherapy to help you get to the root of your anxiety.

    As you mention, you have had issues with drugs in the past, and most people use drugs/chemicals to offset feelings of discomfort, anxiety, stress, etc. so once you stop the habitual use of chemicals, old feelings return.  this is why I strongly recommend both good therapy, hypnotherapy and neurofeedback.   for the best long-term results... I wish you all the best, Loren

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