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Group Therapy for OCD

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    I have OCD. Is group therapy an option that might work? I am a long time AA participant and I find that there is something I really like about the group meeting kind of format.

  • Loren Gelberg-Goff Says ...
    Loren  Gelberg-Goff

    There are many benefits to participating in groups, as you have discovered with your participation in AA...As with any group, the style and personality of the group is important.You don't say how OCD impacts your life or how it manifests itself, so I would also consider a couple of other options. 

    Hypnotherapy can be very effective in getting to the root causes of your OCD... often once one understands the cause of a behavior or set of behaviors, and sees the purpose that they have served, the behaviors themselves are no longer necessary and change can take place...

    Neurofeedback can also be very effective... you can google this modality or go to eeginfo.com for more detailed information. 

    As with any intervention, you ultimately hold the power in terms of your desire to live your life differently and what you are willing to do to bring about the changes.  This is a process (as I gather you would understand based on your statement about being involved with AA for a long time) and not a quick fix, but the good news is, that with each step toward your desired outcome, you really do get closer to achieving your goals.

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