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Don't Let Anxiety Keep You Stuck

  • anonymous Asks ...

    What is the best kind of therapy for depression and anxiety? I am very depressed and I also get panic attacks so I am almost house bound with anxiety. I am a mess and I do not want to live this want any more!

  • Loren Gelberg-Goff Says ...
    Loren  Gelberg-Goff

    I'm sorry to hear how much you are struggling with your feelings.  There are a variety of possibilities for therapy for you.  I am not sure where you live, so what the best resources for you and where they are located will be part of the research you'll need to do to see what fits best and how easily accessible the therapy is for you.

    You say that you are practically homebound as a result of your anxiety.  I am hoping that you will at least go out to get to a therapist since I do believe that face to face therapy will be the best approach for you.  Once you determine that there is no medical basis for the anxiety (thyroid, adrenal issues, heart, etc.) then getting to talk with a therapist to understand the root cause(s) of your depression, panic and anxiety is the first step.  All symptoms serve a purpose and understanding their purpose helps you to not feel so angry and frustrated... Learning what has triggered this reaction in you so that you can learn to handle the situation, beliefs, circumstances differently is a big step in changing how your body and mind react.

    You can also benefit from hypnotherapy to get to the source of your anxiety and depression

    Neurofeedback is very effective in changing how your system responds to events in your life.

    Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) has been shown to be effective as well in changing one's perceptions about circumstances in life.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can also be effective in helping you to change your behaviors/reactions to the situations that cause you the most anxiety.

    Participating in a yoga, tai-chi, meditation and even a laughing yoga class can prove to be very helpful as well as additional support for you as you go through the therapy you need to clear the habits and reactions that are keeping you stuck. 

    I do hope that this gives you a place to start.  On my website are some fee meditations that you can access and download to get you started, and help you enter into the process of change... You can access them at www.wellfromwithin.com   Find the ones that work best for you.  If you find that reading is helpful to you, my book can be very instrumental in helping you to cope with some of the issues you are facing in your life.  You can see if it's what you need to augment the therapy that you choose: Being Well Within: From Distressed to De-Stressed

    I hope that this is helpful on your journey to live empowered.  You deserve the best.  Wishing you well, Loren

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