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Exercise should decrease your anxiety

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Can exercise make anxiety worse? I get panicky sometimes and sometimes after I exercise really hard and my heart gets pounding I get panicky feelings even though there is no reason for any anxiety.

  • Dr. Lani Chin Says ...
    Dr. Lani Chin

    Most clients that I see who are struggling with anxiety do not exercise.  Before we talk about medication or any other part of their treatment plan to manage the anxiety, I recommend exercise.  Most find that cardio can serve as a bit of release which should decrease levels of anxiety, not increase it.  When was the last time you went to see your physician?  Perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard which could be inducing your panic.  Also how do you react when your heart begins pounding?  Once this sensation sets in, try to take a few deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your nose.  This will likely slow your breathing which could decrease your sense of panic.

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