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Diet Pills & Panic Attack

  • anonymous Asks ...

    If I had a panic attack after taking herbal diet pills do I have to go see a doctor?

  • Dr. Lani Chin Says ...
    Dr. Lani Chin

    Thanks for your post. I'll try my best to answer your question.

    You're asking a tricky question. Since you haven't provided any information regarding your general well being, it's difficult to know if your diet pills had anything to do with your panic attack. It could have been a coincidence that the panic attack came on after you took the diet pills. With that being said, it is definitely recommended that you see your doctor. Is this your first panic attack? There could be something going on with your physical health that is triggering the panic attacks. How did you know this was a panic attack? Panic attacks can mimic a variety of cardiovascular issues so it is best to sort out the symptoms with your general practitioner. If no physical causes are found, it would be beneficial for you to talk to a mental health professional to explore coping skills and different ways to handle anxiety.

    Best of luck.

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