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I survived a REAL crisis! But what's next?

  • badbwoy Asks ...

    After my mother died 2 years ago, I quit my job and started a record label with a friend of mine. I thought I was going to take over the music business... however, after only a few weeks I began believing something was wrong. I just couldn't identify what it was... I had difficulties sleeping, couldn't concentrate... soooo scared the business would go wrong.

    "OMG, what's going on, I can't afford to fail.. keep going, keep going... " was all I kept thinking...

    Then, for some reason I felt that I had to spend myself to success. it was silly I know- buying expensive suits, a new BMW... I left my girlfriend, at first blaming her for my panic attacks, that she wasn't helping at all (in fact she's been faultless). My business partner was beginning to be irritated, too.. well to cut it short: we were lucky, and secured a few record deals. A year later, things have improved a lot.

    I know I've been acting recklessly.... but this is not why I came here. I would like to find out how you would approach a difficult period in life, if you were me... the next time around. Would you seek treatment?

    Honestly I am still scared. Scared, that I may happen again, and that this time I won't be as lucky... so, I guess I am scared of my anxieties. It is crazy, no?

    Thanks for your time, sir.


  • David Johnson Says ...
    David  Johnson

    No, this is not crazy. You took a major business risk that would be scary for anyone. But then you lost a sense of balance and judgment and made a lot of questionable and impulsive decisions. That is not a healthy response to risk taking.

    There could be many reasons for this. It is important for you to find out why. You are still scared, believe it! You need to ask for help before you take another major risk! Find out why you are so scared. There probably is a very important reason. You may prevent more regrettable outcomes.


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