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Self Medication for Anxiety

  • Morton Williams Asks ...
    Morton Williams

    I've been experience panic attacks in the last week. Symptoms included shortness of breath, insomnia and even short spouts of "vertigo" when going down stairs.

    It has happened to me before, and I used mild sedatives - Valerian, Passionflowers and other herbs. However, this time it isn't helping me at all.

    Can you suggest an alternative medication? Do you have some advice about self medicating for panic attacks?

  • Catreace Brown-Baker Says ...
    Catreace Brown-Baker

    First, I would suggest you see your primary doctor to rule out any medical conditions. Second, I would also advise you to figure out what triggers your panic attacks (people, places, things and/or items). I am not a medical doctor and it is outside my scope of practice to suggest any medication. However, talk with your primary doctor and he/she can point you in the right direction.

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