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SMART Recovery® is all about choice

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    The whole disease concept of addiction just blows my mind. It’s not as if someone held a gun to my head and forced that Jack down my throat every day for the last 30 years. Went to an AA meeting last night because my wife said she’d leave unless I did. Never met such a bunch of losers in my whole life. What a bunch of crybabies and every one of them blaming ‘the disease’ of alcoholism for their own actions and bad choices. Went home after the meeting and cracked a bottle. Nobody made me do it though. It was my own choice and I accept that.

    I have some health problems and my doctor is strongly recommending that I quit drinking. I think I will choose to follow his advice and I will stop drinking. I am finding that my habits are hard to change, which is normal after so many decades doing the same thing. My wife is suggesting that I get some professional help and I might do that. But I do not want anyone that is going to be talking that AA voodoo mumbo jumbo. Is there any kind of help for a guy that needs a little help to change his ways but who doesn’t believe in all that praying to a higher power BS and who wants to be in control of his own choices in life?

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    Scott Graham

    Check to see if there are any SMART Recovery Meetings in your area.  SMART Recovery is all about choice and helping members continue to choose sobriety and healthy behaviors, deal with cravings and change thinking.

    Support is key in recovery and the fact that you are considering connect with a professional is a great way to get support.

    You can learn more about SMART Recovery at http://www.smartrecovery.org/.

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