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Why aren't we all Alcoholics?

  • dannyc Asks ...

    I heard a speaker at a conference talking about addiction and he was talking about a substance called THIQ. He said this substance was produced in the brain and it was the most addictive substance known to man. If that were so why isent everyone addicted.

  • Dr. Karl Benzio Says ...
    Dr. Karl Benzio

    Thanks for your question. The THIQ is a very fascinating finding and sheds light on alcoholism and addictions in many different ways. 

    The short answer to your question: THIQ is not in everyone's brain. It is only produced from alcohol. But not everyone who drinks has alcohol converted to THIQ, only a certain group of drinkers and we are not sure why some convert alcohol to THIQ and why some don't. We do not know how much THIQ needs to be produced and accumulated in the brain for a person to crave and use alcohol excessively. But at some point, when a certain amount of THIQ builds up in the brain, that seemingly uncontrollable addiction process is unleashed. 

    It is believed that some alcoholics don't have THIQ in their brain, so THIQ is not the sole reason or factor in becoming an alcoholic.

    THIQ points to the need to really address so many elements that make up an addiction process. Certainly, this shows the disease, or psychological aspects involved in alcoholism and addictions. But to both prevent as well as undo this damage, psychological, emotional, relational, and especially spiritual factors play key and powerful roles in the prevention, treatment, ongoing recovery and lasting life transformation process for us to achieve our God-given potential. 

    Your decision, choose well! 

    by HIS grace, karl benzio md

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