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Weekend Binge Drinking

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am 17 and I have been drinking at parties since I was 13. Now I feel like I need it on the weekends and I am always drunk on Fri and Sat but I never drink during the school week. It scares me a little that I feel like I need to get drunk every week but I almost never drink except on the weekends and I never drink alone so at least I am not an alcoholic. How do I get so I can still get loaded when there is a good party but that I do not feel like I need a buzz on a Friday when we are just sitting around watching movies or some shit.

  • Jill Edwards Says ...
    Jill Edwards

    I think you are pretty intelligent, when you get a little scared. The feeling that you need to get drunk, is a warning that there is something interfering with the life you would like for yourself. Alcohol can damage your life quite seriously, without making you dependent first. While you are drunk, you could get into trouble.

    Alcohol stops you from being able to think about your actions and be cautious when you need to be.Regular drinking also stops you from developing relationships and taking part in enjoyable activities, it interferes with your studies, remember that alcohol actually damages your brain a little every time you drink. In time it produces noticable memory loss. People with a serious problem take Vitamin B to reduce the damage.It seems to me that you have developed a safe pattern of drinking when you are interacting with other people socially, it helps to get over the nervousness when you with people you would like to have a good impression of you.

    I would suggest that you take up some other acitivities. Try mixing up your drinks so that there are some, water or soft drinks in the evening. Drink only one night in the weekend and try to do other things on the other evening. When you are in a pub, try to play pool and talk to other people.You have a choice now and it is a very important choice. The pattern of drinking you have now can develop in to binge drinking, which to means drinking solidly for a number of days at a time then stopping for a while then doing it again. It is a serious form of alcoholism, which is why I am suggesting that you break up this pattern now and start doing things with your life, before alcohol takes over and does real damage to the enjoyable life you can have.

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