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How much is too much?

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    How much is too much?
    My husband drinks a significant amount each day, and has admitted to as much as 15-30 cans of beer. Typically i think it's a minimum of 10 up to 15. How much longer can it last until he has some serious health issues? He's probably been doing this routine for as much as a year. Prior to that it was similar, but not as high of a daily number.

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    Jennifer Hamilton

    The research on alcohol goes back over 60 years. The research shows, for a non-addicted user of alcohol, two alcoholic beverages per day, does not lead to any problems. If a person drinks less than daily, up to three drinks per day. Not to exceed 14 drinks in one week, with no more than three on one day. A drink is defined as one half ounce of pure alcohol which can be found in one -12 ounce can of 4% alcohol beer, one, one-ounce shot of 100 proof distilled liquor or one 4-ounce glass of 12% alcohol wine. It is impossible to say how long a person can continue to drink at higher levels and not suffer consequences from the drinking. It is known that just one time exceeding these limits can cause physical damage to the body much like an overdose on any drug would do so.

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