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Genetic link makes you 4X at more risk

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    Both my mom and dad are alcoholics. I swore I would never drink alcohol or be like them but now that I am away from home and living with some friends I find that I enjoy a few beers every once and a while. I know that alcoholism is a genetic disease though so if my parents have it I will also probably get it. Is this true? Is it safe for me to drink alcohol occasionally?

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    Jennifer Hamilton

    The answer is, it is playing with genetic fire. Your brain will likely LOVE the way alcohol makes you feel. This subjective experience of loving it will make you want to do more of it and more often. The safest thing to do is to not touch it. The next safest thing to do is to set a strict limit of two to three drinks for yourself, enough for a mild relaxation, and NEVER go over this. If you cannot seem to stick to the limit, abstain. You will be saving yourself. I wish someone had taught me this. I would now be able to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner on occasion. Now I abstain because I was a full blown alcoholic by age 18. Family history is a huge risk factor. Best wishes.

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