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Alcohol problem?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My crew go out for beers most day after clocking out. Just a couple of beers we are not getting wasted. I think about those beers a lot like right from after lunch break I am dreaming about them and I think about them all day. Apparently this is not normal and this is a sign of alcoholism. I do not get drunk very often but I drink every day and I drink about 30 to 40 beers in an average week. All my friends drink more than I do but I think most are alkies. Does this sound like an alcohol problem?

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    Thinking about drinking is a sign of obsession over alcohol. That is a sign of possibly being a problem drinker. Stopping at two consistently usually means you are not. The "safe drinking guidelines" suggest never more than two in a day and never more than 14 in a week. If a person cannot drink and consistently follow this, the recommendation changes to abstinence. If you were to experiment with drinking with these guidelines for awhile and get back with me on your results, I could give you more feedback. I see the person as the expert on himself and I am just here to guide him.

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