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Veins on nose

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am 38. I am a regular drinker but I do not consider myself to have a problem. I get a bit buzzed on weekends and have a few on most weekdays. My nose is starting to get bumpy and red veined. WTF? Can this be from dinking even though I’m not even 40?

  • Jennifer Sartin Says ...
    Jennifer Sartin

    I found the following information online: "The vein condition in each individual, the age, diet habits, alcohol intake, are all factors which will influence the occurrence of spider veins on the nose. It is now necessary to shift this discussion to Rosacea which is at the root of spider vein on the nose and facial area.  Veins on nose are embarrassing but cannot cause harm. Treatment methods for veins on nose are plenty and include laser therapy, oral medication, topical medication which can include antibiotics for their beneficial effect. Most of these treatments can deliver result in less than a month’s time but it may be necessary to continue the treatment for 2-4 months for complete satisfaction."

    After researching this, it is very hard to tell if the alcohol is the actual (and only cause) of this.  


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