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To Intervene Or Not?

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My mom had too much to drink at a BBQ yesterday and she was slurring her words in front of her grandkids. This was a bit unusual but I have noticed that she is drinking more wine than she used to. I am worried but if I bring it up she will be very offended. I don’t know how big a deal it is. She doesn’t drink in the day time at all but a few years ago she started drinking every night and now she drinks 2 or 3 glasses of wine every night. She is in her 60s. She never drank at all when she was younger and there is alcoholism in her family. Should I just wait to see if it becomes a bigger deal or do you think she is already at the point where I need to intervene, even though it is going to be a big ugly scene…

  • Florence Cameron Says ...
    Florence Cameron

    Concerned daughter,

    It is already is a big deal. Next time try recording her indiscreetly with a cell phone and play it back to her at a time she may be more receptive to hearing your concerns. As individuals age their tolerance for substances changes, they can become unstable are more susceptible to falls causing damage to aged bones. It is all in the presentation at this point. The fact is that your mother needs to want to get better for herself. Show her how she is needed in your life and the lives of her grandchildren. Find local resources for support if you would feel more comfortable intervening. Confrontation is usually not the best avenue to take. Your mother needs support now and if she gets on board with the solution perhaps a treatment program would be of help to her.

    Best Wishes,

    Jeannie Cameron, LMHC

    Naples, FL

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