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An Altered State of Mind

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Are there any substances that can get you high or buzzed that are not bad for you or addictive? I know this is a site that doesn’t promote drug use but I know myself and I can never give up drugs completely so I was just hoping that maybe I could find something that wouldn’t kill me at least.

  • Florence Cameron Says ...
    Florence Cameron

    The desire to alter consciousness seems to be fundamental to humans and spans far across time. As defined, consciousness is having perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, therefore being aware. Consciousness is totally different from self-consciousnes, which to be conscious, it is only necessary to be aware of the external world. Consciousness is a fascinating, but an elusive phenomenon and is impossible to descibe. The need to escape one's own perceptions, thoughts, and feelings, from their sober reality is an individual choice. Many people learn coping skills rather than being a slave to any substance, thing or person. When we take care of our body, by understanding it as a machine, we are apt to treat it kinder. People take care of their automobiles better than they take care of their bodies and it is this vessel that is the most important. Our lives will come to an end soon enough without rushing it. We have to know what is toxic to us and what vitalizes us. Knowledge is power. Some people get high off of life, what they have and what they've done. Not that they were free of suffering, because we all suffer. Moreover, it is because they have embraced the fact that they don't have to control the world or anyone in it, and that it's okay to be who they are, and can accept themselves, flaws and all. My advice to you would be to find you. Find out what makes you happy and do that, within reason of course. Enrich your mind with knowledge, find your purpose and you will be high on life too. We have to make our live's a 'life worth living'. No one will come up to us and hand us the life we've been dreaming of. Reach out to a professional to help direct your path. Best wishes.

    Jeannie Cameron, LMHC

    Naples, FL

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