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    I am 18. My friends and I like to drink and we will all get pretty wasted at one of our houses like 2 or 3 times a week. It’s a pretty normal thing for us to do around here. Lately I have been having blackouts. I don’t drink any more than I used to (like a 12 pack) but now I can’t remember shit about what I did the night before after about the 8 beer stage. None of my other friends seem to black out like I do. Does this mean I am becoming an alcoholic?

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    Donna Hunter

    Blackouts are a serious signal  that your body is giving you.  When a person dis drinking the same amount they always did but starting to blackout it mean the body is not able to deal with the alcohol and your tolerance is changing.  A change in tolerance is one of the criteria for Alcohol Dependence.  As a teenager, your body and brain are still developing.  Alcohol is in essence a poison.  Even though you believe you are old enough to make your own decisions and deal with consequences, you physiology says otherwise.  So simply put, yes, having blackouts means you are on the fast-track to becoming an alcoholic.


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