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Dealing with Pain in Recovery

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am feeling really discouraged right now because I just relapsed yesterday after 11 days and I am hair of the dogging it right now. I have gout and it flared up 2 days ago. I can’t get around and I can’t exercise and I just sit in pain and frustration and I relapse. The gout gets me every time. I am alcoholic not a drug user but I am cautious with addictive pills because I know my tendencies. Should I take short periods of narcotics during gout attacks so I won’t drink?

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Thank you for your question. Alcohol creates uric acid in your body which contributes to gout. Read the article in the link to find out more. Your alcohol consumption is probably what is causing your problems with gout. You need to check with your doctor before taking any kind of narcotic medication. Be honest about you drinking problem when you talk to your doctor. Personally, I don't suggest taking any narcotic pain medication. People who become addicted to one substance are more likely to become addicted to another substance. I know it is difficult to cope with pain but with the proper support and coping skills you can do it without taking any substance. You didn't mention if you were doing anything for your recovery or if you just stopped drinking. Doing something every day for your recovery increases your chances of success. Alcoholics Anonymous provides support for people with alcohol problems. You can learn coping skills from other recovering alcoholics. There are other recovery programs too if you don't feel AA is right for you. I hope this helps answer your question. Good luck with your recovery.

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