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    Hello, I am a 31 female veteran and ex Sex worker (going on 6 months out ) I believe I am suffering from PTSD from it. I am seriously suffering from Alcoholism. I am living with my bf ( supports me financially)who drinks every day . and days off gets black out drunk , He is not violent, but he is verbally abusive. I need to get out and rebuild my life. I seriously need to enter an out of state in-resident facility a very good one. Not 12 step. A place where I can truly heal and recover then find a sober home. I have no money, terrible credit and am also on probation because of drinking (DUI) and (DV).I spoke to an insurance agent and he says it will take 6 months for my insurance to kick in for rehab. I take weekly Ua's and have been doing so the last 6 months. I have been able to get away with drinking once or twice a week and do not suffer from shakes. I was so drunk yesterday that while walking my dog I crossed the street from the liquor store and banged myself up dropped my beer it exploded on the middle of the road and I was able to get up fast enough but I almost was hit by a car!! My bf was clearly upset I was drinking, He says u don't need rehab just quit drinking.No way i can quit drinking while there is beer in the house everyday. He says he will quit but I know he won't he has the disease as well. I need to find a Rehab scholarship asap!! Or someone or a foundation who will loan me the money.I don't care about a huge loan because i know I need help fast.Im afraid Ill end up dead or in Jail. I want to get my life together and be successful. I also want to build a tiny house on a trailer (not sure if u have heard of these) and live very inexpensively and minimalist for the next few years while I work hard to save money. I have so many dreams and goals and know I can achieve them if I am sober and stay sober. Life is too short and I have been miserable and made bad decisions most of my adult life! I want to take back my power and life and one day find a man to love me . I am very beautiful, care about people but feel lost I used to make 800$ a day and now I'm looking at 8 / and hour jobs. Its sickening.I feel lost and out of control. Please help!! Thank you and have a blessed day.

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    When you say you are a veteran, do you mean you served in the United States Military? If so, you may be eligible through the Veteran's Health Administration (my current employer, just started the end of January) for benefits. If you are not registered, you start by registering to see if you are qualified. You may also be eligible for benefits through the Veteran's Benefits Administration if you suffered any injury as a result of your service, that is called being service connected. If that is not what you meant by a veteran, I will give you feedback. Most of the time when people ask me questions on here, I am unable to get any clarification from them when I ask questions back, so I just have to do with what I think they are saying. To go on, the VA may pay for your rehab.

    If you didn't mean that you are a Veteran of the U.S. military, you can look for free rehab at some really wonderful places like Teen Challenge. They are a faith based facility with places all over the country. They are run on donations and there is no cost. They are residential, so you live there. Here is a link. They are for all ages, despite the confusing name. http://teenchallengeusa.com/ I think you have a wonderful life plan and I have no doubt you will achieve all of your goals. God bless and God speed you on your recovery.

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