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Problem: anger or alcohol

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    Whenever I get really angry I always feel an urge to start drinking and I think the drinking helps me to let the anger out so I can get back to a normal state of mind. When I am not angry I do not feel strong urges to drink, although I still do sometimes drink.

    Some people are saying I have a drinking problem and that I need to get some help. I do not think this is so. I do not feel an urge to drink unless I get very angry first. Other than that I can take it or leave it. Doesn’t this mean I have more of an anger problem than a drinking problem. If I didn’t get angry quite as often I would not need to drink any more as much as I do.

    I am at the moment in a difficult relationship with my girlfriend and I tend to lose my temper pretty good with her a few times a week.

  • Jennifer Sartin Says ...
    Jennifer Sartin

    This is a little difficult to answer without more information but I will answer the best I can with the information you've provided. Sometimes people that have a tendency to abuse alcohol will "drink at" the source of their anger (for example: "I'm angry at _______ so I'm going to drink.") Additionally, when people use alcohol to suppress anger, it makes it impossible to work through the anger, move past it, and the cycle continues. Buried anger can be dangerous in that people can react to it in such ways as becoming depressed, having anger outbursts, and engaging in addictive behaviors. It is not uncommon to self-medicate stuffed feelings with alcohol and other substances. Lastly, if your friends and/or loved ones feel you have a drinking problem and need help, it is worth taking a look at.

    I hope this helps!

    Jennifer Criswell, MS, LCDC



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