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Treating Adult ADHD

  • anonymous Asks ...

    What do you think about the Dr. Daniel Amen method for adult ADHD? I have heard some really amazing things about the progress one of my friends’ sons made and my son is 24 and really directionless and unemployed. He is a creative genius and amazing artist. If he could stay focused on completing a series of paintings he already has preapproval for a show at a major gallery. The problem is he can’t get it done and this is so frustrating to him and to all of us. We have tried every ADHD medication out there and they only help a small amount so he is not sure they are worth the side effects and since they don’t help I wonder if his ADHD diagnosis is not 100% accurate. This is why the idea of really comprehensive brain scans to find out what is going on in there sounds like exactly what we need to do.

  • Loren Gelberg-Goff Says ...
    Loren  Gelberg-Goff

    Excellent question, and I certainly admire and appreciate Dr. Amen's work and the way in which he can really get to the root of one's problems... I agree that your son may need to be fully evaluated and assessed to see what is really going on for him. As is often the case, individuals who may have had ADD/ADHD growing up and didn't have really good outcomes with whatever medications or treatment modalities were used, carry negative beliefs about themselves as they mature. These negative self-images do a lot to sabotage &/or undermine their successes in their adult lives. So, while having your son evaluated is a great idea, I'd also explore having him work with a good therapist who can help him get to the emotional source of his sabotage and inability to complete what he starts. 

    Please look into Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)  This has been shown to be very beneficial for breaking through internal barriers. If you haven't already done neurofeedback, then I would STRONGLY recommend that your son do neurofeedback. It's an extraordinary therapy that truly benefits people with ADD/ADHD, problems with focusing, etc.  

    I understand your concern and frustration for your son, and it is important that he be engaged in this process as well. Since many people are so used to feeling stuck because that has been their pattern, they often just shut down to new ideas and possibilities, leaving you to be the one who is pushing, cajoling, and begging. How engaged is your son in wanting to do something different in his life? There are many factors here that both you and he can explore together, but he needs to be at least as engaged in this process as you are to have the success you are looking for and that he deserves.

    I hope that these few suggestions and recommendations are helpful as places to start. Dr. Amen is certainly an awesome resource, and you have other possibilities as well... Please feel free to contact me should you have any other questions or concerns and I'll do my best to provide you with further guidance. Wishing you and your son all the best.

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