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Suboxone Is Your Answer

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am addicted to opiates. It’s a long story but I have made a mistake and I am ready to change and I am going to start tapering down and white knuckling it soon. The challenge I am facing is I suddenly have to travel to the UK to present at a conference. This is quite unexpected and I am to fill in for a colleague. I don’t really have the option to decline this invitation. I obtain my opiates illicitly. I do not relish the thought of crossing international borders with illegal drugs. I also do not relish the thought of ‘doctor shopping’ …manufacturing some symptoms to try to get drugs. I can’t bring myself to do that (although I may have to). What I want to know is if I go to a doctor, perhaps a specialist in addiction medicine, and explain my situation, would it be possible to obtain a short prescription, just to get my through a 5 day stint, and then I could start my tapering process. If a doctor would help me with this tapering process that would be even more preferable. I just don’t much go in for cloak and dagger stuff and deception.

  • Yerachmiel Donowitz Says ...
    Yerachmiel Donowitz

    In a short period of time you can be put on a medication that is legal and will serve your needs. Suboxone is its name. This will be a short term answer and possibly a long term answer for you as well. The general guidelines I give patients on Suboxone is to sucessfully be on it for a year, consider tappering down only when your life is at a realitively calm period and to work together with the prescribing doctor. White knuckling it is not a good idea and can be physically dangerous. Not every doctor is authorized to prescribe Suboxone. Good luck to you, your road to recovery and your presentation.

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