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Is sensory isolation good for depression

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am a depressive with social anxiety who prefers to go unmedicated for personal reasons. I am searching for alternative methods to help get my depression especially a little more under control and I have been looking at floatation therapy. Supposedly some studies have been done that say that spending time in a sensory isolation flotation chamber is good for depression. Do you agree that this is the case?

  • Mark Hughes Says ...
    Mark Hughes

    I'm sorry that I don't know if sensory deprivation or flotation can help with depression as I've never heard of this before. If you want to try it I suggest you consult your doctor and see if you can verify the research you mention is real, because at first thought it is not apparent to me how it might help.

    What I can say is that some people do find work with an individual therapist helps, but each person and each situation is unique, so don't assume what works for someone else will be good for you.

    I understand that some people prefer not to medicate, but make sure that you are capable of looking afteryourself too, and sometimes medication is a safe way to get to that point, or is simply the best one can do. Good luck with your search. I wish you well and hope that you'll find your own way to be with your depression.


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