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Vicodin Addiction & Drug Testing

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I am in a bad situation. I have got a job offer to move to a much better paying job. It is the job I have been working toward for 7 years and everyone knows I have to take it. The problem is I have developed a bit of a vicodin addiction over the last 6 months and this new job does drug screening and drug testing and I am not going to pass the test. I need to get clean enough to pass a drug test in 16 days and I can’t handle the quit. I have tried but it is too hard. If I go on Suboxone will they drug test for that?

  • Lita Perna Says ...
    Lita Perna

    Did you get the script for Vicodin from a physician? If yes, you may be able to get a note from the doctor.

    I am not an expert on pharmacology so I looked around and found this from a reputable physician whom I also looked up to verify credentials. Her name is Jana Burson, MD, and I think her words will be encouraging to you. Her link is below.

    Apparently, a specific test must be done to detect Suboxone (Buprenorphine). Most places don’t test for this. Check this out: http://janaburson.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/drug-tests-and-suboxone-buprenorphine/

    I wish there were some way you could let me know that you got the job.

    P.S.: You don't have "a bit of a Vicodin addiction." You have a Vicodin addiction. I know you're going to do something about it. You're smart. You're upwardly mobile. You have a future. Get help!

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