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Classic Example of Denial

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Is it weird to be an addict without any particular reason for it? I had a pleasant childhood, was never abused in any way, came from a loving family home and still have excellent relations with my family members and had every advantage in life – and still I’m an addict. It seems that all the other junkies I know have these horror stories from early life that I just don’t have and the one time I talked to a ‘professional’ about my ‘substance abuse’ she kept digging around in my childhood, trying to find some reason for it all I think. So is it weird to just like drugs a lot and do them way more than you should, just because you love that feeling and not because you’re trying to escape from anyone or anywhere in particular?

  • Lita Perna Says ...
    Lita Perna

    No it is not weird to like drugs a lot. That’s why people use them. It is also not weird to do drugs ‘way more than you should.’ It is a sign of dependence. (Doing drugs way more than you ‘should’ could also kill you, but that’s another subject.) My question to you: What is way more than you should? How much ‘should’ you be using?

    Getting addicted is easy. You don’t need a reason. Your body will give you a reason when it needs the drugs to function.

    I am glad you said you still have excellent relations with your family members. By adding the word ‘still’ it shows your awareness that with your continued drug use your excellent relations will be compromised, strained and possibly destroyed.

    I’m curious why you’d write to Choose Help if you feel comfortable with your using. You also say you’ve talked with a professional. Could you really be a bit uneasy about your use?

    I hope so.

    You may not have horror stories from early life but if you keep on using, you’ll have plenty to tell in your future.

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