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Heroin treatment

  • Jim Best Asks ...
    Jim  Best

    If someone is hooked on heroin, do you feel a treatment time away of 30 days is enough time to heal them?

  • Dr. Karl Benzio Says ...
    Dr. Karl Benzio

    Heroin and all narcotics take considerably longer than 30 days. The brain is just starting to come out of the fog and the body is finally getting some nutrition into the brain for some healing and learning to occur in weeks 2-4. 30 days does allow someone ot go through the acute detox and start to develop some awareness that they can survive, and even live without heroin. then they can start to examine and practice better ways to cope with and enjoy life. ideally, the treatment would have medical expertise, as well as depth psychologically and spiritually.

    • ideally, the residential stay is 90-180 days
    • day 1-10 heroin detox
    • day 11-30 acute residential heroin treatment. treatment every day
    • day 31-90 subacute residential with partial hospital treatment all week, meetings daily
    • day 91-180 recovery house, supervised living, meetings daily, Intensive outpatient
    • depending on their skill acquisition and ability to address the core issues of their addiction, these stays can be longer or a little shorter.
    thanks for your question. if you or a loved one is looking for a good program, have them call my free helpline at 
    877-562-2565null877-562-2565  x 101 and we can field more questions with some specific options.
    by HIS grace, 
    karl benzio, md
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