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Hepatitis C options do not include Marijuana!

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    I just found out that I have hepatitis c. Is it ok for me to still smoke marijuana? I am pretty worried about my health now and I want to start living clean but I am having trouble giving up smoking, alcohol and weed all at the same time. I would like to give up alcohol and cigarettes first and then once I am Ok with that move on to give up marijuana.

  • Dr. Karl Benzio Says ...
    Dr. Karl Benzio

    I am sorry to hear about your recent Hepatitis C diagnosis. Fortunately, there has been a lot of advancement in treatment and more successes than just 10 years ago. With that being said, Hep C can be very serious as well so precaution and getting rid of aspects that will worsen Hep C is vital for your quality of life and survival. 

    As you have figured out, both alcohol use and MJ use are going to worsen your Hep C. The effects of alcohol on the liver are well known as many have dies from alcoholic liver cirrhosis. Studies have shown that MJ also has several negative effects regarding hep C. First, MJ leads to fatty accumulation in the liver causing fibrosis and accelerating the hep C process. Second, MJ weakens the immune system which lessens your ability to fight the Hep C virus. Last, MJ interferes with the work of interferon, one of the main treatments for Hep C.

    Obviously, the way to go is to get off all at once. That really does give you the best chance for long term sobriety and recovery. When you still have an addictive substance in your life, it is too easy to go backward and add more substances instead of cutting another one out.

    If you need help finding a residential rehab that can monitor and administrate a safe detox protocol, as well as manage your liver and Hep C condition, please feel free to call our national and free addiction helpline.

    I hope this was helpful and best wishes for you physically, psychologically with your decisions about substances, and spiritually.

    by HIS grace, karl benzio, md


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