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Setting Boundaries with Old Drug Friends

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Hello, what is the best response from a recovering addict to 'old' drug friends in order to let them know their decision to discontinue that lifestyle and possibly gain support for their choice? Thank you.

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hi! Thanks for your question. I favor simple and direct - "I need for you to know that I'm not using anymore." Seems sufficient to me. Setting boundaries is a little more tricky - "I can't be around you when you're high." or "I can't be around drugs." What a lot of us find, sadly is that what we thought were close friendships were just people we used with. Other times we find that being clean makes folks not want to be around us because it forces them to look at themselves.

    I hope some of your friendships can be maintained but I caution you against putting yourself in high risk situations by virtue of people who won;t respect your boundaries. Good luck!

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