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Resistance is not Futile

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I’ve been partying too hard since I finished high school 3 years ago. RX, weed, drinking, a little heroin and whatever else, but basically getting off my head pretty much every night. I actually don’t think I am addicted to anything but I am addicted to having fun and the only fun in this town is getting wasted. Not sure how to stop when everyone I know does the same thing and I am too weak to resist when it’s right in front of me. Don’t really have the money to move anywhere. Not sure what to do?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    I appreciate your honesty and candor - being genuine is key to change. Ever watch the Karate Kid movies? Mr. Miyagi said, "best defense - when punch comes, no be there."

    Getting your butt kicked by the highly predictable shows a lack of self respect and emotional immaturity. Not wanting to judge you for that - rather, I'm saying you have to grow up some time and it sounds like you're about ready. I understand lacking the self discipline to not do something when it's right there in front of you...but are you really surprised when it's shows up in front of you? There's usually some sign or indication that drugs are on their way. People come over. Sketchy phone calls get made.

    You may not have money to move but you know there are times when you're going to be tempted so find something to do just before it happens. Get a part time job. Take some classes. Find new friends. Pursue hobbies. You don't need money to have fun and there's a world full of cool people doing cool things. Be one of us.

    Good luck and invest in yourself.

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