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Ivory Wave - How dangerous are bath salts?

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    How dangerous are bath salts? I read in the paper that a woman lost her arm and half her chest from a flesh eating bacteria she got from shooting bath salts.

    My friend is using bath salts regularly to get high and I am worried about her. I showed her the article about the flesh eating bacteria but she says that it’s only a problem if you inject. She only snorts. Is she in danger?

  • Donna Hunter Says ...
    Donna Hunter

    There is not a great deal of information available.  But the science behind the chemicals present in bath salts is clear.  They are very dangerous to ingest in any way.   Please take a look at: http://www.drugabuse.gov/about-nida/directors-page/messages-director/2011/02/bath-salts-emerging-dangerous-products


    Obviously bath salts are synthetic materials not meant for human consumption.  Unfortunately with most addictive substances the long term effects will not be known until too many people are negatively affected.

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