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Honesty in detox

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I want to try to detox off norcos at home. My doctor prescribed to me but I have been supplementing without his knowledge. From everyone I have talked to getting some valium really helps for the withdrawal symptoms. I wasn’t to ask him for some valium but I am scared to admit that I have been abusing the opiates he has been prescribing. If I tell him this will I get put on some sort of list for people who doctor shop or are addicted to opiates or anything? I am very worried about how this might affect my health insurance because I have secondary conditions that require a lot of expensive treatment and I cannot afford to risk my insurance.

  • Donna Hunter Says ...
    Donna Hunter

    Detoxing can be dangerous and should not be a do it yourself process. Your physician knows your medical history. He or she should be made aware of what you have been doing and what you want to do. He or she may recommend a detox program or treatment center.

    I understand the concern about your insurance. The following is just my opinion. HIPAA was put forth as a way to protect our privacy. I do not believe that it does. Your medical information passes through many hands as claims are processed. I would talk to your doctor directly about your privacy concerns as it is related to your health insurance. In processing a claim they must disclose to the insurance company a service code ( why you were there) a diagnosis , date of service and your demographics.

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