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Binge Drinking and Alcoholism

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    Can I be addicted to alcohol if I only drink on weekends? I thought alcoholics needed to drink every day or they’d get the shakes or something. I never drink during the week but I always drink on the weekends. I drink a lot on the weekends and I can’t seem to stop myself even though I know I need to slow down? So can a person by a weekend only alcoholic or is that impossible?

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    Donna Hunter

    Even though you only drink on weekends you can be an alcoholic.  Addiction is defined by specific characteristics one that you mentioned:  "I can't seem to stop myself even though I know I need to slow down".  Some of the other characteristics that an addict may or may not have is an increased tolerance to the substance ( needing more to get the same high) or a sudden drop in tolerance.  A person can have withdrawal symptoms.  Overall if  a person has difficulty stopping, has difficulty in their personal or  occupational life because of drinking or using drugs they are likely addicted.  If all you are experiencing is difficulty stopping use, then you are on the slippery slope heading towards alcoholism.  I would strongly suggest you find a therapist, counselor or AA meeting to help you find better ways to cope with life.


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