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Facing life without being high

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I smoked 10 joints a day for 30 years. Now I have quit and I don’t have a clue how to deal with people. I don’t need addiction treatment because I have beaten my addiction for more than 2 months but I feel very anxious a lot of the time when I have to interact with people. The anxiety is honestly worse than the side effects of all the smoking I was doing so I am not sure if things have improved. Is this something that is likely to go away or is this just what not being high for me is going to feel like from now on?

  • Donald McCoy Says ...
    Donald McCoy

    smoking that much pot changes your perception of life and how you act and react to others. removing this from your life has caused you to face people without the 'mellowing' effects of pot.

    I do seriously reccomend counseling and ask you to ask yourself why your were smoking pot to such a degree, usually an addiction is to not deal with a major issue in life, is this a possible reason?

    If you look at yourself and this with honesty and courage, your interactions with others will get better.

    Don McCoy LPC NCC

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