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Addiction to Hydrocodone and Xanax

  • anonymous Asks ...

    If I am addicted to more than one drug do I have to detox off all of them at the same time? I am addicted to hydrocodone and xanax. I would like to detox off hydrocodone but I can’t image doing that without taking xanax at the same time, just the thought of it gets my anxiety spiking.

  • Donald McCoy Says ...
    Donald McCoy

    Thank you for your question.

    I believe that you need to look at your addiction as just that an addiction to pain relievers. I think you may need an anti-anxiety medication to help you through this, prescribed by one doctor. I also believe that you at least need to enter into counseling if you have not done that yet.

    There is a reason you are abusig the medications, possibly some part of your life is painful and you are having difficulty facing the issue and use the meds to help you past the moments of pain (physical, emotional, spiritual).

    My reccomendation is to find a good counselor first, work with her or him on this issue and whether or not you need to enter into a treatment center. Of note, many of the new substance abuse centers are marvelous today, offering mindfulness, yoga, and other holistic therapies.

    I do hope this was of help, I wish you all the best. Don McCoy LPC NCC

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