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Cocaine Using Senior Citizen

  • anonymous Asks ...

    This is crazy but my dad is using cocaine again. He is 67 and a grandfather. He has had addiction issues in the past so this is not just out of the blue or anything. I cannot find much information on cocaines affects on the brains of senior citizens (I guess my dad is kind of unique). Is cocaine going to be worse for my dad than it would be for a younger person because of his age? I am worried that because of his age his starting to use drugs again is going to push him into early senility.

  • Dr. Arthur Trotzky Says ...
    Dr. Arthur  Trotzky

    First of all, if your dad had addiction issues and is using cocaine again he is most likely at high risk for his addiction to take off again and I would suggest an intervention as soon as possible. I would be more concerned about the affects of cocaine, being a stimulant, on his heart and less concerned about senility. His casual use of cocaine is very concerning in light of the history you present and senility is way down on the list of dangers his return to using presents at this point. You are absolutely correct in thinking cocaine is more dangerous for an older person that for a younger one and I hope your concern translates into action to prevent serious consequences ahead.

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