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Suboxone Patients Need Treatment

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Suboxone is making me feel mentally paralyzed. I always made huge decisions on the spur of the moment on impulse. I made a lot of really bad decisions and they cost me everything. Five months on Suboxone and I do not want that crazy life any more but I am so scared to make a mistake. I am trying to be basically a single parent dad for my 3 year old son and I feel like I am walking on the edge of a cliff and I am holding his hand and one wrong step is going to send us both falling down. It’s a lot of pressure because if I know I can’t be perfect the addict inside of me wants to say fuck it and get high for a month.

  • Anna Deeds Says ...
    Anna Deeds

    Thank you for your question. Suboxone is not meant to be a treatment for addiction on its own. It is meant to be used as one part of a treatment program.The other parts are Narcotics Anonymous or a similar support group and counseling.

    It sounds like you are trying hard to stay clean. But it seems like you are trying to do it all on your own. Addicts need help and support to maintain recovery. NA meetings can give you the support you need. It sounds like you may want to get off Suboxone but fear relapsing. Recovering addicts can be the best help because they have been where you are and have made progress. If they can do, it so can you. Being around them will give you hope and inspire you to want to be abstinent.

    Counseling can help you process how your feeling and thinking. It can help you learn coping skills to deal with the stress you are under trying to raise your son and manage your recovery. You can develop a relapse prevention plan with resources you can access when you are struggling or having cravings.

    I hope you will consider reaching out for help. There is no reason to do this all on your own. Good luck with your recovery!

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