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Recovery from meth addiction is an ongoing process

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have a meth addiction. I am thinking about getting ready to stop. I have tried before but I am really serious this time. I want to know how many days does it take until the worst is over? If I can make it for a week will It get easier?

  • Zelik Mintz Says ...
    Zelik Mintz

    There is not a set amount of time when recovery is easier - everyone is different.  Recovery from meth physically takes a few days and depends on the amounts and frequency one is using.  The psychic dependence is a long process.  I strongly suggest some kind of rehab program and possibly individual therapy to support you in your recovery.  Because meth is used to escape uncomfortable emotional states, even when the body is not dependent on the drug, the psyche craves using to avoid dealing with the feelings that let to the use in the first place.  It takes work and commitment.  Good luck and I applaud your desire and, hopefully, your commitment to stop.

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