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  • anonymous Asks ...

    I was just wondering if you knew about iboga? I am also wondering if you think that it is worth trying, even if someone has to go to Canada to try it. As I understand there is a place in BC that does it legally. We are in Portland so it is reasonable. My brother is talking about getting some help finally and I am researching his options for the family. It seems to me that if it works it is better than going on methadone or Suboxone for a long time. From what I understand, heroin addicts doing the traditional 12 steps rehabs route don’t have a very impressive recovery rate. He is 24 and as far as I know he is in good health. He has been into drugs and drinking since he was 15. He just went off the deep end and he has never come back. He says he is ready to get some help and he mentioned the iboga as something he believed would work for him. I guess he knows someone who had done it, although that person was still using heroin.

  • Zelik Mintz Says ...
    Zelik Mintz

    I am not familiar with Iboga.  It may be beneficial in addressing addiction but, like any medication that addresses addiction, it is important to use in conjunction with psychological support.  Addiction to substances has physiological as well as psychological issues that need worked through.  The medication may help the withdrawal process and some of the yearning to use but will not work with the underlying reasons that are being self-medicated by the use. Whether it is a 12-Step program, some outpatient program, or some other support in the sober community, it is important to use help to address the various components of addiction.  Individual psychotherapy would also offer needed support to address the pain that is being avoided with substance abuse.

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