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Get to a rehab program before you hit rock bottom and have to.

  • anonymous Asks ...

    When I’m drunk and high, like I am now, I am totally sure that I want to quit and I need to quit. My life is messed up and I am on a train wreck binge for years. I won’t get into the usual sad sack story but my life sucks and it is my drinking that causes my 9 and half out of ten problems. I have even called some treatment centers up at night and most of the time they want me to call back when I am sober in the morning. By then I may have forgotten about calling or I can’t face talking to anyone or I just get busy with dealing with my hung over and trying to make it through the day. Can you tell me how to make my wishes to get help last and translate into actually doing something in the day.

  • Zelik Mintz Says ...
    Zelik Mintz

    There is no magic bullet to get you to rehab when you're sober.  It's interesting that you feel ready when you're high but not when sober.  The high must have ceased providing you with an escape.  There will come a time when you won't have control and will hit whatever rock bottom is for you and you will be forced to deal with your addiction by physically collapsing or worse.  What you describe is part of the addiction - the bargaining, rationalizing, not taking responsibility, etc.  I hope you make that call when you're sober.  Try reading this when you are sober and make that call.

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