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Opiates and breastfeeding

  • anonymous Asks ...

    If a mom takes norcos while breastfeeding all the time will the baby get addicted to opiates? If the baby is already addicted to opiates what is the best way for this baby to stop being addicted without having to go through bad withdrawal pains. If the mom slowly lowers the amount she takes over a month or two months until she is not taking any anymore will the baby slowly get off the opiates without feeling the withdrawal pains? I am asking for a friend of mine who relapsed after she had her baby and she is too scared to tell her doctor because she thinks they will probably take her daughter away from her. She doesn’t know what to do and she is so upset about it.

  • Katie Brooks Says ...
    Katie Brooks

    Hello there-

    I'm really sorry that your friend and baby are going through this.  Unfortunately, it is out of the scope of my practice to consult on the titration for pharmaceuticals.  It is really important for the baby that your friend seeks medical support though. It would be so much worse if something bad were to happen to her or the baby.  Sometimes there is no way around being truthful even if you know there are serious consequences. If you could explain to your friend that this act of bravery could save her baby’s life, she might think of telling the truth in a different way.  The consequences of not telling far out weigh the consequences of the truth.  

    Best wishes to you and your friend.  Please contact me if you have any further questions at GoodTherapySanDiego.Com.

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