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Getting Started in the Addiction Field

  • Kathy Madden-Bentle Asks ...
    Kathy Madden-Bentle

    I am a student intern and would like to know if you know of any treatment centers here in Nevada that are qualified to supervise student interns? I am in the final phase of my MS in Psychology at this point. Any suggests if you don't know of any place I can look?

  • Dr. Karl Benzio Says ...
    Dr. Karl Benzio

    Congratulations on wanting to get involved on the front lines in one of the deadliest wars we are waging. I am not familiar with the landscape of Nevada treatment facilities and who would be open to interns. Most rehabs will take interns, and since you are free labor, they are usually excited to take you. Make sure you have a licensed therapist supervising you. Ideally a licensed Psychologist. States differ, and in some states, Clinical SW are trained well as therapists, and in other states they aren't. Same goes for Licensed Professional Counselors. You need to make sure a transition period of you observing group and individual, then co-facilitating, leading to you facilitating on your own. 

    Don't ever pretend you know more than you do. If you are unsure, let the patient or staff know, but tell them you will find answers then go be a great detective. Good luck with your profession and progress.


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