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Bath Salts Abuse shows dangers comparable to Meth Abuse

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    I’ve been riding a high of bath salts for like the last three months. Now theyre illegal all of a sudden and the price is way higher and they are getting way harder to get when they used to be on sale everywhere. Now that I have trouble getting them sometimes I am starting to realize how much I NEED THEM and this is a little bit scary to me. I always thought they were nonaddictive but now I think theyre ridiculously addictive. I used to smoke cigarettes but I quit and this is way harder than that was. Some of my friends are already switching on to meth and coke but I always said I wasn’t going to get going into those, especially the death meth. I have a few days supply left and then I don’t know if I am going to be able to get anymore and once I am afraid of what that will feel like. How can I get off the salts without feeling so terrible. I want to quit now but I am afraid if it gets to bad I will use another drug like meth just to feel that high again.

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    You are very wise to seek our professional advice about your substance abuse of bath salts. Despite that you have only used bath salts for three months; this does not address how long you have been using substances for some desired benefit. From my knowledge and research, you have not been using a non-addictive substance, i.e., bath salts. The use of bath salts to get “high” rivals the physiological and psychological damage of meth use according to many experts. The first concern that you expressed was the unavailability and dependency on your use of bath salts. The government and medical establishment have identified the dangers of getting high from bath salts. Therefore, they have made them unavailable and/or more expensive to obtain.

    When you expressed that you “need” the bath salts causes some concern because it suggests possible heavy substance abuse or addiction. I am providing you with various resources for you to explore so you can decide for yourself if bath salts are less problematic or less addictive than meth or cocaine. First, I would ask you to consider whether you are showing signs of addiction with this website:


    The following websites offer you information about the dangers and problems using bath salts to get high:



    These videos are by Dr Drew who covers the problems associated with bath salt abuse:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBF1NGdqcPA (Part 1)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qiKTm_Y2EI (Part 2)

    Finally, it is important for to consider all of the costs and benefits of substance abuse with any substance but particularly bath salts. From the limited information I have, I still would highly recommend that you have an assessment for substance abuse and/or addiction to bath salts. If you require treatment, the sooner you seek it, the less intense treatment you may require. Using meth or cocaine will only compound this problem. I am very impressed that you recognized this as a serious concern. If I can be of further help to you, please let me know.


    John O’Neal, Ed.S, LPC, NCC

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